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3 AM Humour

Faith has only lived with me and The Bait for about a week and a half and in that time she has firmly established her place in the pecking order. Basically, we are her pets and she only keeps us around to entertain her and keep her fed.

However, my puppy seems to take a sadistic pleasure in finding ways to piss off The Bait. Such as the Alarm Incident. She snuck into his room a few minutes before the normal time his clock went off and lies in wait on his desk. The moment his alarm starts blaring, she dives and headbutts him. Hard.

I scold her but then she whimpers and looks up at me with sad puppy eyes. I melt every single time. Yeah, my dog owns me.

Faith stalking her prey, The Bait. She smells the bacon. She wants it. And she will have it.

(Caption courtesy of icanhascheezburger.com)

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