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Of Seeds And Swallowing

Today Frizzle thought it would be beneficial to ask the class where they thought babies come from. Let the hilarity ensue!

“There’s this giant cabbage patch that picks up the orders from mommies and daddies. Then a seed as big as I am turns into a baby.”
“How does the baby get to the mom and dad then?”
“I don’t know, the mailman I guess.”
“That’s stupid!”
“OOOOOOOOH! I’m tellin’! Mrs. Frizzle, he said a bad word!”

“The stork!” – 14 kids gave this answer, when I was 6 I largely knew that babies at least came from their mom’s stomach. I had no idea what the vagina was. Which leads me to a rather mortifying story.

I walked into my parents’ room as a child of about six or seven to find my dad had left a porn on. I was entranced. Best part was I distinctly remember seeing a woman giving a guy a blowjob. Now keep in my mind I was a child and had no idea what sperm was, so when I saw some kind of juice running down her lips I came to my natural conclusion…

“Mom, do you swallow Dad’s pee too?”

Were you told one of the baby myths or did your parents tell you relatively straight? Please do share.

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