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Speak Out: Ruth & Imogen

(Note From the Management: The opinions expressed in the Speak Out Series are those of their individual writer and not necessarily shared by myself. The only influence I have on this is showing them how to post and letting them use my password. Thank you.)

R: Hi I’m Ruth.

I: And I’m Imogen, whose significance I just figured out the other week. Kendall was amused.

R: He’s easily amused anyway so I’m not surprised to hear this. Anywho, your dear Odd Duck has allowed us to take his blog hostage for the day while he gallivants around with Eva and Daybreak tonight in search of lots of candy.

I: We had to think pretty hard about what we wanted to write about and then the news literally hands it into our laps.

R: California’s Proposition 8, ladies and gents.

I: Now as a couple who happens to like the supposed penis, we have often caught flack from people telling us we’re going to Hell or very not subtle propositions from guys saying they can cure us.

R: However, probably the hardest part of all was coming out to our families. I grew up with a very conservative Southern Baptist mom, who often condemned gay people to go to Hell.

I: Even though people think I’m Hindi because I’m Indian, I am not religious at all. My adopted family isn’t either so it was just slightly awkward. Ruth though, well she needed some help.

R: It was this past summer when I told Kendall and Eva I was gay. Eva I knew would still be my friend since we had been since we were in diapers and Kendall is the lesbian’s fag hag so there was no chance of him having a problem with it. They both went with me when I told my mom I was gay. At one point in her yelling, I had had enough and walked away in tears. Eva came after me while he talked my mom down.

I: Have either of them told you what was said that day?

R: All my mom will say is that I have very loyal friends and all Kendall will say is that he did what he could to help her see that she had hurt me.

I: I remember our first double date with those two. I had met Eva once and had only heard of Kendall. He made sure to sit across from me in that IHOP and when I finally met his eyes, I saw him making a bunch of goofy faces.

R: They’re our friends, they wanted you to be comfortable and it worked. But we’ve gotten off topic. There is now a proposition to repeal the right of same-sex couples to marry in California. I honestly wish I lived in California so I could vote against it but alas, all we can do is spread the word.

I: One more thing, those who think we are going to Hell for loving each other? We’ll be sure to save you seats.

R & I: Thanks bunches!

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  1. Diane
    November 1, 2008 at 2:06 AM

    LOL… I don’t do God in general but I have always said that I think gay people are God’s test. Come Judgment Day, he’s going to say, “I told you to love your neighbor and I meant ALL your neighbors (even the gay ones). And you didn’t. So guess what? You get to spend eternity slight south of here!” Oh, I can’t wait (even thought I’m not even sure I believe in Heaven).

    Bottom line… if Kendall loves you guys (and I know he does), I love you too 🙂

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