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A Day To Just Be

Sometimes it is cathartic to spend time with your friends. So often I am too busy stressing to just chill. Too preoccupied with getting things done that I forget to relax.

Like a flashback to the summer; me, Eva, and Imogen spent a day just being our goofy selves. I had not realized just how much I missed this. School, and most specifically tests, did not exist today. Schedules were a thing of the past. Our only jobs were to have fun. There was no such thing as a budget.

This was just S, K, & C: The Comeback Tour.

  • Went out into the courtyard outside my apartment and attempted to tie dye some sheets. Ended up with more of the dye on ourselves than the sheet but it was still a blast.
  • Made a huge pile of leaves to jump in. Now sporting a lovely scrape on my back from jumping in with Eva in my arms.
  • Decided to take a trip to the pond and fed breadcrumbs to the ducks there. Had a butterfly land in my hand which was very cool.
  • Had someone coming from the game (drunk as all get out) ask if we were all dating each other and commenting that I was a lucky bastard. Proceed to spend the next five minutes screwing with the poor guy’s head.
  • Watched Sweeney Todd and Juno. I was informed quite matter-of-factly by Imogen that I had a crush on Helena Bonham Carter, couldn’t believably deny this charge. Loved the music so much that I had Limewire downloading the soundtracks to both during Juno.
  • Made a pizza entirely from scratch with whatever toppings we could think of. According to Eva, “it’s like my stomach is having an orgasm.”
  • Decided we hadn’t had enough singing and went out to do some karaoke. Me and Eva got a standing ovation singing Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” and Faith Hill & Tim McGraw’s “It’s Your Love”. Deciding to do a silly song, we got Imogen on stage with us to sing Rocky Horror’s “Time Warp.” Great times.
  • Came back to my apartment around 1 in the morning, all showered and changed into sleeping clothes, and camped out in my living room. Decided to be complete nerds and tell ghost stories with requisite flashlight.
  • Woke up with Eva snuggled against my back and Imogen’s foot almost in my eye.
  • Decided to hit up IHOP for breakfast. Mmm, french toast. Me and Imogen proved we really were 5 at heart and spent a good bit of time flicking bits of hashbrown at each other.
  • Imogen went home and me and Eva headed back to my apartment. Not sure who kissed who first but we end up having quite lovely slow sex. Afterward take a nap curled up together.
  • See her home, decide to crawl in bed and continue reading A Lion Among Men.

Sometimes it is wonderful to just spend a carefree day with the people you love. I didn’t think about the tests or papers I have coming up. I didn’t stress about my mom and dad’s divorce. I wasn’t worried about finding (and affording) an apartment or townhouse with Scarlett next year.

I was completely destressed, a feeling I had forgotten over the last month.

I was just Kendall.

And damn if that didn’t feel fantastic.

When was the last time you took a day to just live?

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  1. Diane
    November 9, 2008 at 8:36 PM

    I don’t remember the last time. Sigh. Maybe next weekend, as I’m feeling inspired 🙂

  2. Cayman's Girl
    November 9, 2008 at 9:57 PM

    Sounds like such a fun, goofy weekend!

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