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Turkey Day ’08

I’m sitting at the kitchen table in my parents’ house writing this. I’m tired, in a wee bit of stomach pain, and overall satisfied with the day.

Cool Things That Happened:

1. As soon as I arrived this morning, me, my mom, and my sister started cooking breakfast. French toast, scrambled eggs, Smith sausage, and hash browns. It was delish.

2. Uncle E & The Lady Friend finally admitted they were married. I saw The Grandmother starting to say something negative so I stepped in and gave them both hugs. Why would she be unhappy at her youngest brother being married? Well…it may have something to do with the fact that his wife is white.

3. Me, The Mini-Me, and Aunt C decorating The Godmother’s Christmas tree.

4. Speaking of The Godmother, I got to have a ball teasing her about a man in her life whom I shall refer to as Hopeful Godfather (HG for short). She has been divorced since before I was born and I am happy to see her spending time with someone.

5. Eva had me stop by for a while at her mom’s where I had homemade apple cider for the first time. I think I’m just addicted to any apple product.

The one bad thing to happen today was me not really being able to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Know the saying “I am my own worst enemy.” In my case, that’s true. My stomach is my worst enemy. Le sigh.

I managed to get along with The Grandmother and my dad so I am feeling quite accomplished today. Sadly a lot of the people I wanted to see didn’t come to town.

I figure since today was Thanksgiving and all, I should name at least one thing I am thankful for.

Here goes…

I am thankful for the people in my life. They who have accepted me for who I really am and love me anyway. Who I can go to for a hug, a laugh, or just a simple smile. I am thankful that I have been blessed to know them and try my best to help them be happy. So thanks guys, even when I am on a sugar high from hell and you want to duct tape my mouth shut, I still love you.

Now I need to get to sleep as me and Scarlett are braving Black Friday in Raleigh tomorrow.

Oh and I am also thankful for this

Thank you Far! I love it.

Enjoy your Turkey Day/Thursday Everyone!

P. S. Please be safe.

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  1. Far
    November 28, 2008 at 2:50 PM

    and I am thankful you love it 😉 have a great turkey day!!

  2. little miss optimist
    December 1, 2008 at 6:10 AM

    Glad to hear you got along with your father and grandmother…

    ps the breakfast sounds delicious!

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