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The Confessions started as quite-literally an online journal with me being completely anonymous. While yeah, the online journal part is still largely true I am not really anonymous anymore. Especially if you follow me on Twitter or Fbook-friended me before I divorced it with extreme prejudice.

While I am technically a personal blogger, you’ll also find my opinion on current events, interesting videos, tributes, recipes, fictional writing, and reviews of books/games/movies. Before I would try to just blog about my life but I have to say it wore on me a little, this way I can try my hand at different things while producing quality content for your consumption. I get paid for none of it.

I fully encourage comments (and for those who are new, I will do my best to comment back on your own blogs) as I like to hear others’ take on a situation I have written about. I almost always reply either by email or in the comment section (WPress is handy, no?). All I ask is that you play nice and if you do have anger to vent, that you do so intelligently and without spewing vitriol. Any kind of hate speech will be deleted.

I should not need to say this but please for the love of all that is cute and fluffy in the world, do not steal my shit. Find your own words. That’s just kind of hurtful and I will not be the nicest about it.

In order to protect the quasi-innocent, I refer to the people in my real life by nickname. See the Characters page should you find yourself confused.

For those of you who are squeamish, I often do participate in TMI Thursday as hosted by LiLu at Live It, Love It so on those days I ask that you check the title. If I have a post on that day tagged TMI then either proceed with caution or come back another day. Please and thank you.

This is my own little corner of the Asylum Interwebs.

So sit back, sip your drink of choice, and employ MST3K mantra:

“It’s only a [blog], I should really just relax.”

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