The Star

Kendall: A 22 year-old grad student at NYU currently who works as both a cook and a barista on the side. He is both snarky and too kind for his own good. Fully admits that he is insane. Still very friendly though.


Scarlett: A friend in my apartment complex my first month there. Now lives with me in a rented house outside of Chapel Hill and is my second closest friend. Now my girlfriend who lives with me in our New York apartment. The singlemost headstrong person I have ever known.  Upon first seeing BtVS and Angel, has stated that Cordelia Chase is her hero and role model.  Our free time together is often spent playing video games (read: her making me her bitch in Call of Duty and Halo).

Tink: My first girlfriend turned best friend. Quite possibly knows me better than anyone except Scarlett. Can complete my sentences. The realist to my optimist, she is often the one who I rope into talking me out of my more idealistic moments. She just laughs. The brat. Is the source of my appreciation for country music. Completely in lust with Harrison Ford.

The Spawn: One of my few straight male friends. He has known me since we were 6 and as such has a stupid amount of dirt on me. Has horrible taste in women. I enjoy pissing him off as much as possible. Asked me to be his best man.

Dojikko: Woman I met through The Spawn who has taken a big sister role for me. Is one of the most accident prone people I have  ever met in my life. I have never seen her drink and according to her, I never will. Makes the best chocolate fudge ever.  She is finally getting married to…

Mr. C: Dojikko’s fiance husband and one of the people who restarted my addiction to video games. Will often call me up to go fishing on the weekends. Whenever I go visit them, me and him will end up cooking up a storm. Loves Wal-Mart’s premade pizzas. He is the person I usually go to with any car trouble I have that I cannot fix myself.

Pippi: Friend of mine since middle school who is now in Los Angeles has transferred here to New York working at a dance studio. She is the one who taught me how to play guitar and gave me my first one. Redhead Republican Sex Kitten and knows it. Got to go to Nashville, TN with her over the summer and play which was amazing. One of the only people I can go a month without talking to and not have any awkwardness/resentment.

Dee-Dee: A friend made when me and Scarlett went to our first burlesque show back in September. A closet otaku who is obsessed with One Piece.

The Ginger: One of the few friends I have who is actually younger than I am. I basically tutored her through Biology last year and she still comes to me when she needs a study partner. Is amazingly more blunt than me and Tink put together.

Noel: Another close friend of mine who I met through Biology. We came close to dating but decided that we were far better as friends. Her first question whenever she sees me is if I will give her a massage.

Pearl: One of the most flamboyantly gay men it has ever been my pleasure to meet. A self-proclaimed “lover of all things”. Also one of the best artists I have ever seen in my life.


Mom: The short woman who decided there was no way in Hell I was going through her vagina. We had some issues when I was younger but we are largely over them. Constantly tells me that I shouldn’t talk about sex in public, I respond by saying the word “penis” and watching her squirm.

Dad: My dad who I have rather severe issues with. Had separated from my mom a while back but they are back together.

Mil: My little sister who while also into journalism intends to go the broadcast route. In many ways, my complete opposite. Has no patience for sarcasm.

Mami: One of the two lesbians who I consider my second mom’s. Is now back in Boston with her girlfriend and my godchildren…

Los Gemelos Nuevos: G & I, the two twins who stole my heart as soon as I saw them last January. Have recently been talking with actual words. Learned the word “shit” from somewhere.

Nana: Mi bisabuela. I spent a great deal of my childhood with her in her garden. Ensured that I would be fluent in Spanish and that I could cook. She died right after my first year of college.

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