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Bienvenido a Los Gemelos Nuevos

December 29, 2008 4 comments

You two have no idea how much excitement has surrounded your arrival. It seems like it’s been a lot longer than seven months since I found out about you. Now I get to meet you in person instead of talking to your mom’s tummy like I did back in May.

As soon as I heard about you two showing up, early I might add, I cleared my schedule for this weekend and fully intend to wake up Friday before dawn and make the 12-plus hour drive to meet you in person. Speaking of being early, are we sure you’re Mami’s kids? This is the woman who once told me, “I’m never late. I arrive exactly when I mean to.”

But I digress.

I can’t wait until you two are older and we can really hang out. This is part of why I hate that Mami lives so far away now. I can’t see you all as often as I would like but you had best believe that whenever I have the chance, you’ll see that green Nissan pull up outside your window. When you’re teenagers, maybe you’ll just fly down on your own to stay with me while I (try as I may to deny it to your mom) will probably spoil you rotten.

I think I’m entitled.

Oh and I feel sorry for you Little Miss I, because you get me as a big brother figure, and when I want to, I can intimidate people. A skill I intend to use should any boy you deign to date not measure up. But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that will be unnecessary. But before you get excited and assume you’re off the hook, I have to burst your bubble. Any boy you date has to deal with Mami first and any one who can pass her scrutiny will pass my muster. Little Mister G, same goes with you and girls. Just pray your mom is NOT the one who gives you the talk.

Next Christmas you two will be close to one year old and I have all ready seen some little Santa hats that would be adorable on you. Your mom and R will have you dressed up as elves, it’s amazing how funny that is now that someone else is going to be subjected to that instead of myself. We’ll sing songs while you two babble some of the words and generally make everyone’s hearts melt around you.

When you two graduate from high school and later college, I will be there. Tissues in one hand and camera in the other. I’ll be fit to burst with pride, love, happiness, and just a little bit of sadness. It was bad enough watching Mil graduate from high school, seeing you two walk across that stage will mean you are getting older. That so very much time has passed since the time I saw you as little more than a bump under Mami’s shirt.

Your mom, along with her wife, took in a quasi-neglected 8 year-old boy and now a bit over 12 years later has asked that same boy to take on the role of godfather to you two. It meant more than I know how to vocalize just how much that meant to me. Me and Mami have been through a lot, the past year has been full of tears and no small amount of anger but we’re passed it now. Here’s my first lesson to you, you and your family will fight. It’s inevitable. However, don’t ever doubt they love you. Any of us would give our right arm for you. And each other for that matter.

One day you’ll be grow up, go to school, get jobs, maybe get married, maybe have children of your own. I can only hope that throughout all that you stay true to yourselves, be happy, never become so busy you fail to consider the hearts of others, and most importantly, remember that I love you.

I promise here and now that I will do everything in my power to do right by you both. It seems fitting that your mom taught me to have faith in family and now I get to return the favour to you two. Full circle and all that.

Welcome to the world little ones, it’s a brighter place with you in it.

Lovingly yours,


P. S. I make no promises about not embarrassing you too much. I will take exorbitant amounts of pictures whenever I see you, I expect a dance with Little Miss I should she ever get married, and childhood stories will be told to any significant other. Sorry kids, it’s all part of my job description.

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Wednesday Workshop: My Christmas Wishlist

December 17, 2008 14 comments

Sorry for the serious lack of posting as of late folks, between trying to do well on my exams on top of the…well, the end of me and Eva’s relationship my heart hasn’t really been set on blogging. So hopefully this week’s assignment from Mama Kat will improve my mood some.

1.) Write or share a letter to Santa


Dear Santa,

I must first apologize for the long communications blackout. I lost my faith in your magic when I was 6 and I suppose I’m trying to find it again. I would like to hope you remember the kid who along with his little sister would leave you a PB & J sandwich along with a mug of chilled milk. After all, you have to know the address of every little kid in the world, so I figure it’s not too much a long shot.

Normally this would be the part where I tell you what I want for Christmas. I’m a tad bit old for toys despite the saying about “boys and their toys”, although I have to be honest and admit that a Macbook would not be unappreciated.

What I want can be summed up in two items:

One, I want Mami to go through a safe and successful labour and for Los Gemelos Nuevos to be born as a healthy little boy and girl. She has lost too much as is and I want my little brother and sister/godchildren to grow up, be happy in what they do, and give me nieces and nephews to spoil.

Two, and I know this one is a biggie, I want to be able to keep my promise to Daybreak and see her on Christmas. Consider it my last request as her father figure.

If I can have those two things then I would be entirely satisfied Mr. Kringle.

Please and Thank You,

Kendall A.

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