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I Love…Fridays Vol I

January 8, 2010 8 comments

This idea comes from PQ who you should all start reading now if you aren’t all ready. Because she is seven different flavours of awesome.

I LOVE…that this frigid weather is an excuse for me to wear the toboggan I got for Christmas. Because being able to wear one of my hats to work is ALWAYS a great way to start the day. Yes, I do have a hat fetish.

I LOVE…that so many people have commented, tweeted, texted, and/or e-mailed me about writing a review of the Pocket Gal for next week’s TMI Thursday. Done.

I LOVE…that the fabulously badass Liz from It’s Unbeweavable, in a spur of the moment Gchat conversation, gave me the e-mail for Dave at Eden Fantasys to talk about the possibility of being a reviewer for male sex toys. Being paid to write? Awesome. Being paid to write about fun things that I can get off to? Crazy. Being paid to write about things that get me off and that are sent to me for free? Crazy awesome indeed.

I LOVE…that my flu has finally calmed the fuck down and I feel human again. Being able to eat stuffed french toast from IHOP? It gives me a happy. In my mouth.

And in my pants.

I LOVE…that there was a 2 hour delay which means that I was able to spend time with The Girl at IHOP for said french toast. The Girl who I have only seen twice since Monday. And who I may have spun around and made out with in the parking lot for a tick.

I LOVE…that at about 5:20, me and Scarlett will be boarding a plane to New York City to see Wicked tomorrow. On BROADWAY. And going BACKSTAGE! Stupidly excited about this people. Like may just pee myself a little. That’s forgiveable in this instance, right?

I LOVE..that I’ve managed to clean my house from top to bottom while home sick. It helped beat the boredom and keep my mind off cramps. We’re talking sweeping, mopping, dusting, organizing, and general pick-up.

I LOVE…that I am now guaranteed to graduate cum laude and if I can get A+ in my last two classes this semester, magna cum laude.

I LOVE…that while I had so much time at home, I made a bunch of new friends on the Internets and especially around 20SB. You guys are absolutely fantastic. To everyone who sent me get well wishes, suggestions on books, tech help, and just generally made me smile or laugh, you rock.

I LOVE…that my seniors made me a huge welcome back card when they heard I would likely be back to work today.  Considering how much work I’ve had them do since August, this made me grin like an idiot.

Dear Friday, if I could I would totally motorboat you. That is just how awesome today is.

Keep up the good work.




TMI Thursday: Where I Take The Plunge And Whip It Out. My Credit Card That Is.

January 7, 2010 16 comments

First let me say thanks my lovelies for all the book recommendations, I think I’ll be busy for a while. And an extra big thank you to Jean for that super list.

Now moving on to the main event of the evening afternoon morning.

Appearances can be deceiving.

People who don’t know me well assume that I am mild-mannered and timid. How this occurs is beyond my comprehension considering I drop the f-bomb like it’s going out of style and can turn most remarks to mean something perverted.

Most likely it’s that people see that most of my friends are female and from that decide I must not have much interest in the fairer sex.

Considering how much I love sex, that’s patently untrue.

Due to the fact that none of my close female  friends feel at all weird talking about their PMS cramps and how much a pain tampons are, people seem to forget that I am a guy. One, who while he may be discreet about it most of the time, thinks about sex as much as any other. If not more so.

So this dry spell? NOT FUCKING COOL.

Because of my old-fashionedness, I know that if I were to have sex with The Girl at this point then I would feel wrong. Why? Not fully sure. What I do know is that I’m not willing to fuck this up by thinking with my dick. Probably  good part of the reason why me and V imploded so spectacularly. Aside from, you know, the whole long distance and racial slur situations.

But whatevs.

Sometimes a  date with Rosie Palms just doesn’t cut it. Then Scarlett, in her normal fashion, simply asks why don’t I just buy a sex toy to help make things interesting.

The idea had never occurred to me. And for some reason, I felt ashamed for even considering it.

Long-repressed Catholic Guilt?

Then I remembered just who the fuck I am.

I’m the guy who can make a female jealous of a grape.

I’m the guy who laughed in a girl’s face when she thought a five-inch cock was huge.

I’m the guy who demonstrated his lack of gag reflex by sliding a 20 oz bottle into his mouth.

Senso Silicone Pocket Gal

It arrives tomorrow. *grin*

Happy TMI Thursday, loves.

*My toy was found here